Why Minecraft Is Still One Of The Greatest Games Of The Decade

4 min readMay 20, 2021


Minecraft has made this progress since it’s in excess of a game; it’s a stage, a pocket measurement inside your PC or game support or cell phone or model expanded reality headset. It can become anything you need it to be.

Press a button, and Minecraft produces a world multiple times bigger than the outside of the Earth. You can stroll across it for quite a long time, or you can burrow underneath the surface and utilize the fortunes you find to assemble a post on a mountain. Take a brief period and you can make palaces and urban areas, or simply settle down in the country with a crowd of pigs. Minecraft is some place you can be separated from everyone else, when you should be — your own monster world.

Local area has been the single biggest factor in Minecraft’s development throughout the most recent decade, and it happened even as the game dispatched. The sheer gravitational force of its blocky little universes constrained individuals onto YouTube to appropriately clarify what the heck the game even is. As Minecraft developed, so too did this new character driven part of gaming. Presently there’s a whole industry of individuals who basically perform games like Minecraft on request.

But at the same time it’s the ideal spot to construct a local area. The game has grown a dainty facade of account throughout the long term, yet the story has been a bit of hindsight. The most significant minutes are the accounts players share in jungle gyms, workplaces, and on endless livestreams.

Without Minecraft, Twitch may have failed right from the start. Without these blocky advanced universes, it’s protected to say that there probably won’t be a “PewDiePie” or a “Ninja,” or the many individuals all throughout the planet nipping at their heels.

Without Minecraft, games themselves would be totally different today. Minecraft set off a sort of weapons contest. Abruptly the market for computer games was a whole lot bigger than numerous in the standard idea it was or at any point could be. There was a yearslong scramble to make the following huge thing, and the following enormous thing must be similarly as well known on YouTube and Twitch as Minecraft.

It took some time for game engineers to sort out what that implied.


For a period it seemed like each new task was open-world, each new game needed to incorporate mechanics for development, and everything needed to have components of asset social affair and endurance. Abruptly, everything new and energizing was being dispatched straightforwardly into early access. Games didn’t should be done any longer; engineers were subscribing to building things completely in the open, instead of concealing them for quite a long time behind layers of mystery. For a period — and nearly by need — Kickstarter turned into the subsidizing foundation of decision for each free game designer. By what other means were people and little groups expected to take cash from customers chasing for the following breakout hit?

Most games that attempted to be the following Minecraft fizzled in the endeavor. The greatest exemption was Fortnite. However, seven years into advancement, Epic Games’ endeavor to intertwine Minecraft-style building mechanics with a third-individual shooter had veered uncontrollably off base. At the point when the game at first dispatched — on retail location racks, while additionally still in early access — all it figured out how to do was harmed individuals’ hands.


However, very much like Mojang with Minecraft, Epic figured out how to assemble a game that was really a stage. Obviously, the organization additionally made the incredible game motor called Unreal, which is itself a stage. However, Fortnite was extraordinary, something malleable and steady, whose center mechanics Epic could style and adjust into something different. The bet paid off, and now Fortnite’s fight royale mode remains as the following competitor, the thing well on the way to thump Minecraft off its seat as the greatest round ever.

Meanwhile, individuals have continued playing Minecraft. It’s become an agreeable space, particularly for YouTubers and decorations who end up stuck. In an undeniable manner, even following a time of advancement, Persson’s most critical accomplishment isn’t the quantity of units Minecraft has sold or the nature of the games that have been propelled by it. His greatest achievement is in making an inheritance — something that will proceed with go on long after his flight.

Minecraft’s inheritance is its capacity to make and support networks, both inside the game world and out. 10 years from now, notwithstanding whatever harmful outburst its extremely rich person maker locks onto next, Minecraft will in any case be uniting individuals.

At last, computer games aren’t a stone monument. This side interest, this work of art, and this industry are greater than only one game; they’re greater than any comfort; and they unquestionably aren’t restricted to only one classification. Also, nor is Minecraft, a game that is currently more persuasive and more fundamental than its maker might expect to be.




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